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Selected Top news Links in 2006

aFamous Blue Singer Siyan   Passed away - by Myanmar Times

aMeeting with President Bush - by Mizzima News

aMeeting with President Bush(In Burmese) - by Mizzima News

hChin/Zomi National Assembly Invitation!!

hProminent Student Leader Ko Thet Niang Oo was beaten to death by Local Authorities.

hU.S Reports on Human Rights  Practice 2005

hPreparation for the First Chin/Zomi National Assembly Begin!!

hProvision of Antiterrorism Law Delays Entry of Refugees  including thousands of Burmese refugees along the borders

hChin/Zomi National Assembly successfully held, CNC was formed.

hKhonumthung judged best camera crew (CNC events)

hSenate passes Immigration Bill overhaul

hSenior UN Official Meets with Aung San Suu Kyi

hMilitary bans famous comedian Zargana over BBC interview


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