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Zomi D.C Contacts

10, Beane Hill Ct.
Gaithersburg, MD - 20877
Tel: 1-301-947-0289

Emails & Phone No.:
Cheif Editor & website creator(webmaster):
Thomas On Sian Mung
Tel: 1-443-904-7063

Tg. Dong Khan Khup
Tel: 1-443-629-3329

dkhup@aol.com                      Vice Chairman:
Pu Ngo Cin Thawng Suantak
Tel: 1-301-661-6518

Pa Khup Sian Lian
Tel: 1-


Zomi D.C News Archvies in 2005

A (3) veina Zomi Innkuan USA Khawmpi Chicago ah kinei ding

         A (3) veina Zomi Innkuan U.S.A khawmpi pen January 14 ni (Saturday) ni in Chicago Khuapi, Illinois State ah kibawl dinga, tualai ah Zomi Innkuan U.S.A ii thu khunpi (Constitution and By-law) kipsakna leh mailam kalsuan nading thu kikupna kinei ding hi. U.S.A gam sung Zomi Innkuan kipawlna 6 pan makaite leh mipil misiamte, taangmi tampi in vamuak ding uh hi. A khat veina Zomi Innkuan U.S.A khawmpi pen March 26 ni in Florida State ah, A 2 veina khawmpi pen November 22 ni in Oklahoma state ah gualzo takin kibawl khin hi. Tu in A (3) veina khawmpi pen Zomi Innkuan Chicago te in innteek sem in kibawl ding cih thu kiza hi.

*Posted on Saturday, December 17, 2005 @ 1:26:20 am EST by webmaster*

Florida Zomi Innkuan Tukpeng(Soccer) pawi nuamtak kizo

         November 24, 2005 ni Florida Zomi Innkuan makaihna tawh akibawl tukpeng(soccer) kimawlna ah Palm Beach veng pan (Hangsai soccer team) te’n kum nih sung Champion mun alen kip sin sen ahi, Kendell veng (Khua phelep soccer team) tung ah goal 1-0 in gual zawh na ong ngah in, 2005 aadingin Champion hong ngah uh hi. Tua banah Palm Beach veng kung pang ( Goal keeper) Tg. Pau Piang in Goal kip takin ong pansak ahih manin “The best Goal Keeper” hong ngah hi. Tg. Pau Piang pen kum nih sung Palm Beach Goal keeper in akimawl na ah goal 2 bek khah pan hi. “Mual tung tuang” Palm Beach veng te’n hih bang aa gualzawh lungdamna pen Zomi lawm leh gual akua ma ciat tawh sago in ann kuang um khopna nei nuam ka hih manun, Topa min tawh kong sam uh hi.

Amun : Pa Zam Sawm Pau Inn
148 N Anchorage Drive
North Palm Beach, FL 33408
Ani : November 30, 2005 (webnesday)
Ahun: 7:00pm - 10:30pm

Tg. Go Sian Mung (561-351-0988)
(FZI, Palm Beach Veng makai)

*Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2005 @ 3:32:10pm EST by webmaster*

Zomi Innkuan D.C khop leh Nau muakna, Pa Hangpi Innthak muakna nuamtak nei thei

         Zomi Innkuan Washington D.C makaihna tawh a kinei den kha sim kikhopna, Zomi D.C member sung nau neite nau muak letsong piakna, Zomi D.C memberpih Pa Hangpu leh Nu Naw Lyn Chian te innthak muakna leh Nau min phuahna kikhop pen November 26, 2005 nitak in nasia takin kinei a, tualai ah mitampi hong kihel thei hi. Zomi Innkuan D.C sung, 2005 kum sungin Nau maithak nei 6 kipha a, Nau muakna letsong zong Zomi Innkuan D.C in piakna kinei thei hi. Tua bek thamlo in Oklahoma State pan Pu Khup Khan Thangte nupa zong hong kihel thei a, Pu Thang in Zomi khangnote aading leh minam mailam kalsuan nading thu hoih no no tampi hong gen thei a, tha kingah mahmah hi. Tualai ah Secretary pa Tg. Dong Khan Khup in hong makai in Zomi Innkuan, U.S.A Constitution and By-law (draft) khawmkhiatna hong nei a, Thu khunpi bawlna ah Zomi Innkuan D.C pan advisor 9 kihel thei hi. Lai siangtho tawh hanthotna Rev. James Lian Khen Thangin hong nei a, hunte nuamtak kizo hi. Innteek pan Zo ann, Kawl ann lim no no tawh hong vak uh a, ann kham takin kiciah hi.
>Visit Zomi D.C kikhopna, nau muakna photos at
Zomi D.C Innkuan Kikhop photos

*Posted on Monday, November 28, 2005 @ 4:32:10pm EST by webmaster*

1st Zomi Seminar Yangon ah kibawl ding

         A Khat veina Zomi Seminar pen Tedim Association (Kumpi phalna lisencengah Zomi Kipawlna)ii vaihawmna tawh Zomi Siamsin Association, Zomi Momno Association, ZOLUS (Zomi Literature Uplift Society), ZOMUS (Zomi Music Uplift Society), DIKOM (Diakonia Ministry) Kipawlna, ZOCIA (Zomi Computer & Internet Association)teng tanu thupi tak in kibawl ding hi. Sum leh paai leh tha leh ngal tawh a panpih nuamte in i minam aadingin i septheih na hun hoih mahmah khat a hi hi. Kawlgam aom Zomi sung kipawlna teng lung kituak takin na sepkhop theihna a masa pen hi ding ahih man in ma pang khawm ciat ding in kong zawn uh hi.
A nuai a bang in hungelna kinei hi.

Thulu: Khuadak, Zong, Seem!

Main Speaker: Col. Khen Za Moong
Venue : Full Gospel Assembly, Marchat St., Yangon
Date : December 3, 2005 (Saturday
Time : 9:00 AM - 12:00

Note: -VideoCD, C. Tape, Digit Cam. tawh ciaptehna limtak in kibawl sawm hi. A deih te in bang zah hiam tawh kilei thei ding hi. -Politik leh Biakna lam kigenlo ding hi (tel siam ni). -Col. Moong kiang ah ZONET pan in dotnop thupi tuamtuam a om leh Seminar ni ciang in Open Forum hun ah hong dot sak thei hi ung cih hong zasak nuam ung. Na dotnop thute hong gelh un.


Tg. Sianpu

>Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 @10:23:20pm EST by webmaster<

Khuadopawi leh Zomi D.C Kum 4 cin pawi Nuamtak kibawlzo

         Zomi Innkuan Washington D.C makaihna tawh Oct. 29 (Sat) ni in Zongeina khuadopawi leh Zomi D.C kum 4 cinna pawipi nasia tak leh nop ci takin kibawl hi. Tualai ah mi 80 val kihel aa, khuadopawi bawl lak ah a nasia pen leh a nopci pen in kigen hi. Hong pai mi mal khat ciat in nuamsa uh a, Zo ngeina la sakna, Zola awihna, Zolam lamna kinei hi. North Carolina State pan Sia Kappu te zong pawi sim dingin hong pai uh a, Kuki Forum pan Sia Papao leh a pawl ten zong hong uap uh hi. Pasian hong lam lakna tawh Zomi Innkuan D.C phut zawh kum 4 hong cingta a, kum 4 cin pawi zong kibawl suak thei pah hi. Zomi Innkuan D.C hong piankhiatna leh kalsuanna tawh kisai thu genna Zomi D.C Chairman pa Pu Ngo Cin Thawng in zong hong nei thei hi. Zomi D.C lasa siam ten zong Zola hong sa ziahziah uh a, Zongeina lamna tawh 2005 Khuadopawi nuamtak kizo hi.
>Visit Zomi D.C Khuadopawi photos at Khuadophoto 2005

>Posted on Monday, October 30, 2005 @ 5:12:30pm EST by webmaster<

Full Gospel Assembly Church Banned in Yangoon

         Christian Freedom International received a report yesterday that the Full Gospel Assembly, a fast growing church movement in the Kyauktada Township of Rangoon, Burma, was ordered by the military government to shut down. According to reports, State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) officials ordered Reverend Mung Tawng of the Full Gospel Assembly to cease all activities.
      An unnamed Burmese source urges Christians around the world to pray for Burma and said, "It is a sad thing to hear that many churches have been shut down in Burma. Let us not forget the fact that freedom of worship is also one of the rights we have as human beings."
      Since 1999, the U.S. Secretary of State has designated Burma as a "Country of Particular Concern" under the International Religious Freedom Act for particularly severe violations of religious freedom.

Source : Christian Freedom International (info@christianfreedom.org)September 7, 2005
>Read more information at Junta Closes Popular Rangoon Church

>Posted Monday, on September 5, 2005 @ 11:12:50pm EST by webmaster<

Pu Dr. Vumson's memorial service successfully held


         Silence and sorrow overshadowed the brightly lit summer day as hundreds of mourners converged at the community hall in Gaithersburg, MD, USA on September 25, 2005 to pay their last respects to Pu Dr. Vum Son Suantak in an atmosphere filled with poignant grief.

Many Friends, Families, Relatives, and Community Leaders, politicians had flown in from many parts of the United States and from several countries to mourn Pu Dr. Vum Son Suantak?s departure. At the same time, thousands were sobbing their hearts out across the globe..

Many of the leaders of Zomi/Chin, Mizo across the United States, representatives from various organizations were amongst the mourners included the Burma Exile Prime Minister Dr. Sein Win, Pu Lian Uk and Pu Ngo Nang ( good friends of him) and Pu Defence Lalawng, Chairman of the Chin Community of USA, Inc. Many of condolence messages were read by sorrow and farewell speeches were voiceless..

The Memorial Service of Pu Dr. Vum Son Suantak was the most tearful in years. The Memorial Service was led by Pa Khai Cin Pau, began at 11:30 AM with the opening prayer by Rev. Rollin Vanbik, followed by special prayer of Pastor Rualchhina Vangchh in the middle and ended up at 2:30 PM by the prayer of Rev. C.Duh Kam. The meal which was preapared by Zomi Innkuan DC was served after the blessing of Rev. James Lian Khen Thang. While the Memorial Service, hundreds of relatives and friends were raining tears..

On the body viewing night of Sept 24, 2005 at Bethesda, MD, USA, hundreds of young and old saying goodbye to Pu Dr. Vum Son Suantak in deep sorrow with tears rolling over their cheeks. They paid their tribute in respect and dignity, painfully realizing that Pu Dr. Vum Son Suantak was no longer amongst them. At the same time, they comforted the Daughters, the grandson and the family of the brother with their sweetest. They praised how great he was, how he tired to unite all his people to be a solid one community and so on..

"We feel we have become orphans" was the common anguish on the lips of almost everyone, as the impact of this gigantic loss began to sink in. Masses of emails, faxes and phone calls all reverberated the same sentiment..During his 68 years? life span, he had touched thousands, making each feel special, and those thousands and more were deeply touched in death. This was a unique Memorial Service in the history of the Chin/Zomi, Mizo Community. Never before such grief, emotion and out pouring of tributes have been seen in especially the Chin/Zomi, Mizo Community in the United States which he tireless called Zo people..

He always said, " there is no one else to taking care of our homeland and our own people". One of his greatest visions is that all his people to be united and work together while we live our human life in this world. Are we ready to fulfill his dreams?.


Tg. Dong Khan Khup.

Maryland, USA

*Posted on Monday, September 26, 2005 @ 7:35:02pm EST by webmaster*

EBC (USA)pawlpi kiphuankhia ding (Sapna lai)

         SAPNA LAI - EVANGELICAL BAPTIST CHURCH D.C AREA U.S.A Pawlpi hon pawi bawl ding ka hih man un, Zomi D.C Area sung aa om Zomi khempeuh, U.S.A gamsung aa Zomi khempeuh leh leitung mun tuamtuam aa om Zomi khempeuh in nong Uap aa tha nong piak nangun itna lianpi tawh i biak Pasian min in kong zawn uh hi.
   A ni ding - November 6th.
   A hun ding - 1:00pm.
   A mun ding - Pa Thang Lian Pau Inn (Zotaang Home).
   10 Beanehill Gaithersburg M D - 20877.
   Home : 301-947-0289.

   Khazih sungah

   President - Pa Thang Lian Pau.
   Secretary - Pa Nang Sian Thang (Thangpi) 410-247-2354, Cell- 443-306-6458

>Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2005 @ 12:32:12am EST by webmaster<

Col. H. Kam Pum (Rtd) in hong nusia


 Zomi sung pan makai minthang khat a hi Col. H.Kam Pum (Rtd),M.C.A, M.A,M.Div, D.Min (Candidate) in a teenna Shwepyita, Yangon pan in August 19, 2005 in hong nusia hi. A mah pen ei mi Colonel a nungta lai pan a nunung pen lam hi a, Zomi makai lak pan a kimuang mahmah khat a hi hi. Laibu tampi English pan Burmese leh Zolai translation bawla, Zolai Article tampi ngelh in a minthang khat a hi hi. A mah pen Zomi Literature Uplift Society(ZOLUS) ii President, ZBCM leh Zomi Momno Association(Yangon) ii Advisor, Agape Tongluan Editor a sep lai takin hong nusia a hi hi. Zomi sung pan makai khat in hong nusia ahih manin Zomi Innkuan D.C in zong a innkuanpihte tawh kibangin kidahpih mahmah hi.
Check Col. H. Kam Pum photos at
Col. Kam Pum photos

Check Col. H. Kam Pum Biography at Col. Kam Pum Biography

Oklahoma Zomi Innkuan kum cin kikhop leh Zomi Innkuan (USA) khawmpi nuamtak kizo

         USA gam Oklahoma state aom Zomi Innkuan kipawlna kum khat cin na leh Zomi Innkuan (USA) makaipite a nih veina kimuh khopna pen Oklahoma State Tulsa khuapi ah August 20, 2005 ni in nasia takin kibawl thei hi. Tualai ah USA gam mun tuamtuam pan Zomi Innkuan makaite leh Zomiten va muak uh a, Zomi Innkuan D.C pan Chairmanpa Pu Ngo Cin Thawng, Secretary Tg. Dong Khan Khupte, Advisor Pu Vum Son leh member Lia Ciin Ngaih Lun ten zong vamuak thei uh hi.
       Zomi Innkuan khawmpi ah thu tampi tak kikum thei uh a, Zomi Innkuan (USA) ii thu khunpi (Constitution leh bylaw) ngelh dingin a nuai aa bangin EC(tanu pawl) kiseh hi.
Taang Go Sawm Khup(Oklahoma) : Thuvaanpi
Tg. Dong Khan Khup(D.C) : Thusapi
Pa Thang Cin Pau(Appalachian) : Member
Pa Ngo Cin Thawng(D.C) : Member
Rev. Vungh En Thang(Florida) : Member
Pa Zam King Mang (Portland) : Member
Dr. H. Chin Khen Mang(Oklahoma) : Member
       Tua thu khunpi pen 2005 Thanksgiving lapin aham(draft) kigel dinga, Christmas lapin second draft kigelh ding cih thu kiza hi.
    Read more information
Zomi Innkuan USA

>    Check Zomi Innkuan(USA) Khawmpi photos khawmpi photos

Zogam Lamka buaina.. ZSF press release

         The Zomi Students' Federation (ZSF) expresses its heartfelt thanks to the public in general and supporters in particular for the wholehearted support in the course of its agitation during the past more than one month. The enthusiastic participation of the students from various institutions with the zeal to fight for our right shall remain exemplary in the coming days. The Federation is also thankful to the Indigenous Tribal Leaders Council (ITLC) for the mediatory role they have played throughout the course of our agitation. We believe their leadership will bridge all the gaps amongst the Zo ethnic brothers. Read more information ZSF press

Tg. Tawng Cin Khai in Master Degree nuamtak la thei


            Zomi Innkuan D.C makai (saziansit, Auditor) Tg. Tawng Cin Khai in May 25, 2005 ni in University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA pan Master degree in Computer information system tawh nuam tak hong la thei a, tualai ah Zomi mimal 20 val in graduation ceremony ah vamuak thei uh hi. Florida pan in Pu Ngin Hang hong pai in hong muak to a, ni tak in zong lungdam koh biak piakna ah hun hong zang thei hi. Hi bang in Zomite sungah pilna sang hong ngah thei a hih manin Zomi Innkuan D.C pan kiangtanpih mahmah hi. A nuai website sungah Khai graduation lakna photo te kien thei hi.

To check Khai's graduation photo, please visit at - Khai Graduation photos

Zomi Innkuan D.C Constitution leh By-law ngelh thu kikupna kinei

        Zomi Innkuan D.C ii Thu khunpi leh thu meilet (Constitution and By-law) ngelh ding thu kikupna pen Zomi D.C phualpi, Zotaang innpi ah June 5, 2005 ni in kinei a, tualai ah Zomi D.C makaite leh member pih te tampi kihel thei in, kipawlna ii a thupi mahmah a hi Constitution leh By-law gualzo tak leh picing takin kibawl khia hi.


Zomi Innkuan Malaysia Kiphuankhia


            Zomite leitungbup mun tuamtuam ah i om ciat a, i om na ciat ah Zomi innkuan kipawlnate phuankhia in minam aading na i sem ciat hi. Malaysia gam aom Zomite in kipumkhat a, nasep khop nading leh Zomi te sung kiaup, ki-it nading in June 23, 2005 ni in aom sa Ciimnuai Innkuan pan Zomi Innkuan Malaysia phuankhia uh hi. Leitungbup aom Zomi Innkuan te tawh nasepkhop ciat ding kilunggulh a, Zomi Innkuan D.C in zong nakpi tak in kilungdampih mahmah hi.

Sia Khenno in Dr. hong la thei

         Pasian Thupha hong piakna tawh June 11,2005 ni in Sia Khenno (Dr. Lut Khen Thang-Tulsa, OK) in Doctor of Theology, Majoring in Pneumatology pen Carolina University of Theology, U.S.A pan hong ngah khia hi. Graduation ceremony pen Virginia khua, Manassas City a om Reconciliation Community Church ah ki nei hi.Tua mun ah Zomi Innkuan D.C pan Chairmanpa, Vice Chairmanpa, Secretary, Treasurer, Biakna lam makaite leh Zomipih mi(23) in va muak thei uh hi. Dr. Lut Khen Thang pen azi Nu Cing Sawm Vung leh tanu khat tawh Tulsa, Oklahoma State, U.S.A ah teeng uh hi.Hibangin Zomite sungah Dr. buaih hong ngah thak khat hong om man in Zomi akuamapeuh in kiangtangpih ciat hi.

Tg. Langh Sian Pau dahpihna kikhop kinei


Zomi Innkuan D.C member pih ahi, Pa Suan Khen Mang ii upa Tg. Lang Sian Pau in Kawlpi khua pan hong nusia a, Zomi Innkuan D.C memberpih teng in hehnepna kikhop July 10 ni in kinei a, kitutpih hi. Memberpih 50 val hong kihel thei hi. Zomi Innkuan D.C in dahpihna sum $ 100 kikhak hi.



Zomi(Chin) concert kinei ding

         USA Washington D.C aom Chin Community of USA(D.C Area)te makaihna tawh August 13 ni in Concert pi khat nasia takin kinei ding hi. Tualai ah Kawlgam lasa minthang Htun Htun leh adang lasa siam minthangten sa dinga Zomi sung pan Guitar siam minthang Zomi Innkuan D.C memberpih Tg. Zen Lian(lead) leh Pa Khup Sian Lian(Drum)ten zong zai ziahziah ding cih thu kiza hi. Ticket pen $ 20 hi dinga agent te kiang leh Kawl ansai te ah kilei thei hi.



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